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November 4 2017  Stavros Ranchlands
CHRISTMAS BREAK - Why Martin takes a holiday!
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January 23 2018

Why Martin?

Why Martin, indeed?

Why Martin? play Classic Rock songs with nods to Reggae, Soul, Funk, Country and Blues.  Songs sung with harmony and humor in mind. Because everyone wants to dance and laugh. Why Martin? has performed at over 100 events since our inception in 2010.

Why Martin? Has played at the Palliser, Calgary Casino, Stavros Sports Bar, Hexters, The Shamrock, The Mountain Shadow Music Festival, House Restobar, Mr. Schnapps, The Osteria, Ebbesen Arena, Grey Eagle Casino, The Italian Club, The Texas Gate, various private Stampede breakfasts and evening events, and more.

Les Hartland, Marty Cochrane, Mike Stoll, Marty Lawrence and Doug Tarrant have one band desire: To entertain everyone who comes out to see Why Martin? Come hear the band. You’ll have fun.

Please Contact Us at:

Doug Tarrant:  dtarrant@shaw.ca

Marty Cochrane:  mcochrane@shaw.ca

Marty Lawrence:  martin.lawrence@shaw.ca

Mike Stoll:   halrloprillalar@shaw.ca

Les Hartland:  lhartland@condo-condo.com